#YourBestShot: Promoting the flu vaccine for health workers

IMPACT national secretary Eamonn Donnelly is encouraging members working in the health sector to get the flu vaccine this winter.

Eamonn is one of the participants in the HSE’s #YourBestShot video campaign (see above), which is encouraging healthcare workers and others to prevent the spread of flu – and save lives – by getting the flu vaccine.

Eamonn said, “The best way to protect you, your family and the patients you meet every day is to get this year’s vaccine. You can pass the flu virus to somebody you care for even before you know that you are sick.”

Eamonn emphasised the need for healthcare workers to look after their health. “Healthcare workers are at an increased risk of exposure and infection. At least 20% of healthcare workers are infected with flu every year and many continue to work while being ill. This increases the risk both to colleagues and patients,” he said.

  • Flu causes death and hospitalisation every year
  • Flu vaccine is the best protection against flu for at risk groups and health care workers
  • You need to get flu vaccine every season as the viruses change every year
  • Flu vaccine contains killed viruses – it cannot give you flu
  • Healthcare workers are up to 10 times more likely to get flu
  • Healthy people can have flu without any obvious symptoms and pass it on.

For more see hse.ie/flu