IMPACT outlines concerns over HSA redeployments

Friday 25th May 2012

IMPACT has expressed concern that staff reductions in the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) could compromise workplace safety.

A reduction of 42 staff is required under Government employment ceilings. As a result, the number of inspections planned by the authority is 13,250 this year, compared to 17,439 in 2009. It has been estimated that further staff reductions this year could lead to a further fall in the number of inspections by up to 3,000.

IMPACT official Shay Clinton said health and safety inspections should be protected from redeployment. “In the longer term savings will not be made because inspectors have undergone high levels of specialist training which would be lost forever by the HSA in the event of their redeployment. We need to strike the right balance here between the requirement for redeployment of personnel and the retention of highly valued human resources” he said.