Muno division seeks relief for pensioners

Retired members of IMPACT’s Municipal division are facing a delay in their pension payments from January 1st 2014.

A formal process of engagement to move Dublin City employees from weekly to fortnightly payments commenced in March of this year. As well as providing employees with adequate notice of the changes to the frequency of salary payments, which commences in January, an agreement was made to provide employees with a loan to accommodate the transfer to fortnightly pay.

IMPACT official Phil McFadden said that the union is deeply concerned that retired members have only been informed this month that they will be paid fortnightly from January 2014. “This affects 2,700 retired members, and the delay in payment is likely to cause hardship, particularly at this time of the year. I have written to Dublin City Council’s HR manager, requesting that a notice period and loan be arranged for retired members in the same way we agreed for employees.”