Irish Water negotiations continue

The Irish Water Consultative Group (IWCG), which is composed of unions and employers, continues its schedule of work in relation to the transfer of water provision activities from the local authorities to Bord Gáis. All industrial relations matters are conducted through the IWCG, and the group is independently chaired by Kevin Foley of the Labour Relations Commission.

The group of unions, which includes IMPACT, is co-ordinated by Ictu, while the represented employers include local authorities and Bord Gáis.

National Secretary Eamonn Donnelly explained, “All of the unions involved have received assurances that staffing roles will not change, until 2017 at the earliest, unless by agreement. Unions and management have also agreed that the standards provided for in the registered employed agreements (REAs) will apply to contractors engaged in the installation of domestic water meters, which is due to commence in 2013.

“Expressions of interest have now been sought from staff to voluntarily transfer to the Water Services Transition Office, and conditions for secondment will also be agreed” he said.

Eamonn added, “The next key area of discussion will be the negotiations around service level agreements between Bord Gáis and local authorities for the continued provision of water services. These service level agreements will safeguard the current roles of those providing water services beyond 2017.”

Discussions on the service level agreements are set to take place in January 2013.