Local Authorities News 2012


Irish Water negotiations continue

The Irish Water Consultative Group (IWCG), which is composed of unions and employers, continues its schedule of work in relation to the transfer of water provision activities from the local authorities to Bord Gáis. All industrial relations matters are conducted through the IWCG, and the group is independently chaired by Kevin Foley of the Labour Relations Commission.


Motor tax update

IMPACT is to carry out a series of consultative meetings with motor tax staff who work in driver licensing over the coming weeks. The meetings will inform the union’s continuing approach to Government plans to transfer local authority responsibility for motor tax to the Road Safety Authority.


Motor tax meetings planned

IMPACT is planning information meetings this month for its members in local authority motor tax departments who work on driver licensing.


Unions win assurances on water jobs

Existing local authority water staff will remain employees of their local authorities at least until 2017 under arrangements negotiated by IMPACT and other unions. They will be seconded to Irish Water, the new national authority being established by the Government to manage water services.


Driver licence transfer talks stall

IMPACT is to call information meetings for motor tax staff working on driver licensing because talks on Government’s plans to transfer the service from local authorities to the Road Safety Authority (RSA) have so far failed to reach agreement.


Update on Government announcement on the abolition of public service allowances

Government departments and offices have been instructed to open talks with unions about the abolition of some allowances currently paid to existing public servants.


Local government reforms: IMPACT says staffing issues will be managed through Croke Park

The Government today announced plans to reduce the number of city and county councils, restrict the role of local representatives in the planning process, and reform how local authorities are funded.


Labour Court introduces minimum 34-hour working week in local authorities

The Labour Court today ruled that a minimum 34-hour full-time working week will be introduced for certain local authority grades from March 2013. The binding ruling curtails management proposals for an immediate move to a 35-hour week, but will see over 5,000 staff working some additional time from next year.


Driving licence plans breach deal

IMPACT has written to transport minister Leo Varadkar to say that plans to remove driver licence functions from local authorities break the Croke Park agreement.


Local authorities: €120 million savings figure set to rise

Local authority staff delivered total payroll and non-pay savings of almost €120 million in the second year of the Croke Park agreement, a figure expected to rise to almost €133 million a year when non-payroll initiatives are fully implemented. Some €15 million of €88 million in payroll savings came from reductions in overtime and allowances and the use of shorter working weeks and term-time arrangements.


Local authority 35-hour week stalled

A recent ruling by the Labour Court means that management plans to impose a standardised 35-hour week for all local authority staff has been at least postponed as discussions continue.