Extra posts and confined competition in local government

The Local Government and Local Services Divisional Executive Committee (DEC) has been considering proposals from local government employers regarding the introduction of graduate recruitment in the sector.

The division is anxious to use the opportunity to maximise the opportunities for existing staff, and has agreed an additional 200 posts in the sector at grade IV level.  The division has also reached an agreement with the Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) that all degree disciplines will be eligible to compete.  The posts will be offset against future external recruitment at grade IV level.

Confined competition for all grades
IMPACT has been seeking confined competitions for all posts in local government that arise from the workforce planning process. Up to now, only posts below senior executive officer level were to be filled by confined competition.  The union has reached agreement with local government employers at the Labour Relations Commission (LRC) that posts at senior executive officer level (and above), will be filled by competitions confined to the local authority sector.