Regularisation of medium and long-term acting positions in local authorities

Monday 8th April 2013

When the proposed extension to the Croke Park agreement was being finalised, local authority management accepted IMPACT’s argument that a regularisation of long-term acting posts must take place.

IMPACT subsequently had a preliminary meeting with the Local Government Management Association last Friday (5th April). Management confirmed that, if the current ballot leads to a ratification of the new Croke Park proposals, regularisation of medium- and long-term acting positions will be considered in conjunction with the ‘workforce planning’ process.  The expectation is that, where acting allowances remain appropriate, significant opportunities exist to regularise acting positions.

Further discussion will be given priority if the new Croke Park proposals are ratified.

The union position has been strengthened by a Labour Relations Commission document on the regularisation of acting positions in the health sector, which health service management have agreed to implement “in a cost neutral manner” for staff who are members of unions that are party to the agreement, if it is ratified.