Primary care recruitment promises delayed

The Department of Health confirmed in November that none of 250 new primary care staff posts promised for this year will be filled. About two-thirds of the promised 414 posts for mental healthcare are likely to be filled by the end of the year.


Health restructuring plans announced

Health Minister James Reilly has published his plans for reform of health service structures in advance of the introduction of universal health insurance in 2016. The proposals are contained in Future Health: A Strategic Framework for Reform of the Health Service 2012-2015.


New children’s agency will respect pay and conditions

A ‘letter of intent’ from the Department of Children and Youth Affairs has confirmed that all staff who transfer to the new Children and Family Support Agency next year will retain their existing pay and conditions, including pension entitlements, without any break in service.


Donegal home helps rally against cuts

IMPACT and other unions representing Donegal home helps held a march and rally last Friday (19th) to protest against cuts to services in the region. Service users from Donegal were among the speakers at the Letterkenny event, which was attended by more about 300 supporters.


Update on Government announcement on the abolition of public service allowances

Government departments and offices have been instructed to open talks with unions about the abolition of some allowances currently paid to existing public servants.


IMPACT to resist HSE payroll outsourcing move

IMPACT’s Health & Welfare Divisional Executive Committee has said it will oppose a surprise HSE move to outsource its payroll systems. The union took the decision following the HSE’s decision to sideline a joint management-union exploration of cost-saving reforms of payroll services.


Health savings top €400 million in second year of Croke Park

Health service staff delivered non-payroll savings of over €238 million in the second year of the Croke Park agreement, with payroll savings of over €165 million bringing the total to €404 million. This represents 43% of all the savings achieved in the second year of the deal.


Health minister agrees to consultation on health changes

Health minister James Reilly has agreed to ongoing consultation with health unions about planned health service reforms, including changed structures following the abolition of the HSE, after he met union officials at the end of last month.


Unions give outsourcing pledge

IMPACT and other unions will insist that detailed safeguards and procedures set out in the Croke Park agreement are followed whenever outsourcing is proposed, with unions insisting that detailed safeguards and procedures set out in the Croke Park agreement


IMPACT defends sick leave

IMPACT AND other unions will defend arrangements for paid long-term sick leave when talks on public service sick leave and its management start soon. The Government has signalled its intention to legislate to revise sick leave arrangements from this year.