Organising update – December 2015

My name is Keivan Jackson and I’m the industrial organiser for the Boards & Voluntary Agencies and Dublin Care Services Branches. It’s my job to maximise the effectiveness of the union in your workplace, by building strength and getting as many people involved in union activity as possible.

Workplace Structure

The union’s ultimate objective is to try to get a point of contact in every project in your workplace so that we are in touch with everything that is going on and can help resolve issues as early as possible. Each employment should also have a union workplace representative. New Reps can avail of free training to help improve their confidence in the role.

We have several active workplace committees in employments across the sector. If you are interested in getting more involved or hearing some more about how union structures work in the workplace please get in touch with me at


Contact details

Since the last update contact details have been updated for 69 members.

At the moment there are a large number of members in our Branch that we do not have email addresses for. It is important that we get these as a lot of our communication with members is by email. Please ask your fellow members in the workplace if they have been receiving emails from me. If they haven’t please ask them to get in touch with me at with their latest email address so I can add them to the contact list.

Case Management System

IMPACT is preparing for the implementation of a new Case Management System in the new year. The system will log each inquiry from members and highlight them until they are resolved. This will help improve the efficiency of the service provided.


Since the last email update the BVA/DCS organiser has had 64 meetings/contacts with members. Please let me know if you or any of your colleagues would like me to come and speak to them about what the union does.

Member Training


Kickstart training took place on 19th November. It involved a presentation, role plays and discussion elements. This was an evening session designed to help new reps and points of contact in the workplace to increase their confidence in the roles. It is also an introductory session to prepare participants for the Level 1 and 2 workplace representation training provided by IMPACT

Health and Safety

14 members expressed an interest in doing H&S training. Several of these attended the ‘Resourcing the Safety Representative’ seminar (25th November).

Reps Forum

A Reps Forum was held in early December. The event included an a session with Eamonn Donnelly, the new National Secretary for the Health and Welfare division, who outlined his role and the issues he has been working on. There was also a general update on union matters and a discussion forum for reps to bring up issues.