Fitness to Practise Update at IMPACT Forum.

H&SC Prof For 1 (2)CORU registration featured strongly at the recent Health and Social Care Professions Forum held at IMPACT’s head office in Dublin on Tuesday 12th April. IMPACT staff gave informative presentations to those in attendance on both Fitness to Practise and Continuing Professional Development.

Over 50 practitioners were present to hear the latest information on the range of services IMPACT will be providing its members around the CORU registration process. National campaigns organiser Joe O’Connor gave a detailed presentation on Fitness to Practise and IMPACT lead on CORU registration, Chris Cully, answered questions from the audience.

While professional registration is a positive move, there are potential consequences that practitioners must be aware of. Fitness to Practise cases potentially mean a threat to, not just jobs, but livelihoods. IMPACT has responded to this by offering members free legal representation as a core benefit. IMPACT has developed an unrivalled legal defence scheme to protect its members, with specialist lawyers appointed.

Throughout the presentation it was stressed that it is essential to know what to do in the event of a Fitness to Practise case being brought. For instance, despite the temptation to respond in the workplace, members should always register it as a Fitness to Practise case with the union and get advice from the experts before responding. To view a copy of the full presentation please click here.

10 of the 12 grades affected by CORU registration are represented by IMPACT and the union is putting significant resources into supporting members through the process. IMPACT now have officials dedicated to the issue so advice and expertise will be available to any members affected. IMPACT has developed close working relationships with CORU and has the contacts and network to advocate effectively on behalf of members’ needs.

The Health Professionals Forum was rounded off by Lynn Coffey who gave a thorough presentation on issues around Continuing Professional Development, answering a range of questions on the subject. Members were pleased to discover that many IMPACT events will qualify as CPD credits, for instance.