‘Don’t wait until the last minute’ – CORU Registration explained

CC Guest Speaker ImageThe Dublin Care Services Branch were pleased to welcome Chris Cully, IMPACT’s lead on the CORU registration process, as Guest Speaker at this year’s AGM.

Chris is part of a team at IMPACT working to support members as CORU registration becomes a requirement for various professions. On the night of the AGM, Chris focused on the registration of social workers (opened in 2011) and social care workers (due to open in 2017), but made it clear that other professionals affected (like psychologists, physiotherapists, dietitians and occupational therapists) will also be supported.

Chris shared some important information about the registration process for members in attendance. Once registration opens for each profession you have 2 years to register. Chris encouraged members to be proactive. ‘It may take time to get organised. Don’t wait until the last minute. The online application process is long and very detailed. It is important to gather all your relevant documentation together before filling in the form’, she said.

Other tips Chris mentioned included advising members to send copies only of the necessary documents required by CORU when registering, instead of the originals. She also stressed that applicants would need Garda clearance specifically for the registration process. Existing Garda clearance will not suffice.

Through the Haddington Road Agreement and Lansdowne Road Agreement negotiations, IMPACT secured a cap on the registration fee at €100, instead of the proposed €295. This will last until 2018 and the amount is tax deductible if registration is necessary for your job.

IMPACT will be running a campaign to support members throughout the registration processes and Christina highlighted a number of benefits that IMPACT membership brings.

  • The union will be helping to provide Peace Commissioners who can sign off on members’ documents. This will save members the cost of hiring a solicitor.
  • IMPACT membership entitles you to Union support and advice on the registration process
  • IMPACT membership also entitles legal representation if you ever find yourself facing a ‘fitness to practice’.

Compulsory registration is here to stay. When registering with CORU there are obvious, immediate benefits to being in IMPACT and the more members we have, the stronger our voice will be when we come back to negotiate a new deal on the registration fee.

Chris is available to speak to groups about the CORU registration process if you would like to get a more detailed explanation. If you are interested in attending such a meeting please contact kjackson@impact.ie. Non-union members are also welcome.   Please feel free to share this information with your colleagues.