10 Steps to Help the C&V Sector Pay Restoration Campaign

cawccampaignIMPACT kicked off the ‘Caring-at what cost?’ Roadshow on Thursday, April 14th, in Dublin. This is the first in a series of meetings around the country promoting the community and voluntary sector pay restoration campaign. On the night IMPACT national projects organiser Joe O’Connor updated the audience with information on the campaign and suggested ’10 steps’ to making the campaign a success.

In the lead in to the general election, almost 500 people signed the ‘Caring-at what cost?’ online petition, and awareness of this issue amongst public representatives across the country was enhanced significantly through a grassroots TD contact campaign.

The campaign is now well into Phase 2 of its development and IMPACT is now suggesting 10 steps for those who want to offer their support.  We can only succeed in making pay restoration a reality for our members in this sector by working together to put pressure on decision-makers and funders.

10 Steps:

  • Join IMPACT and encourage others to do so
  • Sign the petition and contact your local TD
  • Sign up for our campaign newsletter
  • Directly contact 5 others to do so, family, friends, neighbours etc.
  • Promote the campaign in your workplace, through word of mouth
  • Send us your personal stories for use on the website and social media
  • Join our campaign committee
  • Promote future events and Road Show meetings
  • Share the campaign website on your Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Organise locally and arrange meetings with your local public representatives

Our website has now been updated to reflect the outcome of General Election 2016. You can access the campaign website here

Here is a poster you can print and use for promotion in your workplace.

The ‘Caring-at what cost?’ Roadshow will be continuing with a series of regional meetings and presentations across the country.