Upskill Training Session Held

Members of IMPACT’s Dublin Care Services Branch enjoyed a successful Upskill training session on Saturday 19th September. Members from organisations like St. Michael’s House, St. John of Gods, Enable Ireland and Daughters of Charity were joined by union colleagues from the Boards and Voluntary Agencies Branch for the day. Themes covered included workplace representation, activism, personal development and self-care for workers.

Members enjoyed the content of the sessions and the format they took. Nasrin O’Kelly commented:

The day’s training was very interesting. Everyone enjoyed it. The classes were short and on a variety of subjects. It was good that there was some union information, but there was also a lot of information that will help me in my job.

National Secretary of IMPACT’s Civil Service Division, Eamonn Donnelly, led the first session and engaged participants in a lively discussion around Your Rights in the Workplace. Members talked about the kind of issues that arise in the workplace and the role of the union in ensuring fairness by representing members individually and as a collective.

IMPACT Organiser Joe O’Connor then discussed Leadership and Activism. Participants looked at examples of effective leaders and identified leadership qualities that make them stand out. They also recognised leadership abilities in themselves and thought about how to develop them.

After lunch members took Looking After Yourself which explained how workers can care for their own mental health through mindfulness and releasing stress. The importance of relaxing, being positive and retaining hope was reinforced throughout the session. Participants were encouraged to challenge the stigma around mental health that still exists in workplaces. This session was a taster for the full-day wellness workshop scheduled for the 29th of September.

In the Speaking/Presentation Skills afternoon session IMPACT Communications Officer Niall Shanahan helped participants look at how to plan for public speaking engagements and presentations. Members were given tips on how to overcome anxiety and avoid ‘death by PowerPoint’. Each member got an opportunity to build their confidence by going up to speak twice and this was seen as a valuable exercise.

Afterwards Bernie Byrne, who works for the Daughters of Charity said:

I thought it was very good. We learned things that can help make public speaking easier. I’m trying to put them into action now. I’d like to attend more training and get my confidence up.

Participants also took part in other electives including time management, writing skills and project management. Those who did Upskill 1 sessions this year are eligible to do Upskill 2 next year and we will be looking for a new batch of participants to do Upskill 1, so let us know if you are interested in taking part.