Community and Voluntary Sector Pay Recovery Campaign

Preparations are on course to launch the campaign highlighting IMPACT’s new report on financing the community and voluntary sector. ‘Caring – at what cost? – Rebuilding and refinancing the community and voluntary sector’ seeks pay restoration for workers in Section 39 funded agencies. The report says that state funding for Section 39 funded agencies needs to be restored to ensure the sustainability of care services to the most vulnerable people in our society. IMPACT also says that the terms and conditions of staff in Section 39 agencies should be moved onto terms comparable with their public service counterparts.


The focus of the campaign will be pay recovery. IMPACT’s Divisional Executive Committee has now approved the proposal for the campaign and it will roll out in January-February prior to the General Election. There are various elements to the campaign, which aims to put the issue of pay recovery for Section-39 agencies firmly on the political agenda as the new Government takes charge.

In the New Year IMPACT will be asking all members to support the campaign and share the message, especially on social media. This will be your chance to help IMPACT push an issue that members have expressed a lot of interest in over the past number of years.