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IMPACT’s Dublin Care Services Branch represents approximately 1,700 members, working in 134 employments.

The Dublin Care Services Branch is represented by a Branch Executive Committee which currently has 10 members from a range of employment backgrounds. This dedicated team of people carry out their roles in a voluntary capacity.

The Branch Executive can have up to 20 people on board so if you are interested in getting involved please contact our Branch organiser Keivan Jackson at kjackson@impact.ie for more information. Normally the Committee is elected at our AGM (usually in February), but exceptions can also be made.

Tony Mitchell is the current Chair of the Dublin Care Services Branch Executive. His day job is in social care in the ID sector. Tony does his utmost to get out and meet the workplace representatives and members in the workplace and as Chair, takes direction from the Branch Executive Committee as well as providing leadership.

The Branch has a network of approximately 50 points of contact in their workplace. Many of these representatives are organised into workplace committees.


Ian McDonnell is the DCS Branch Industrial Relations Officer. Ian is there to help members resolve any industrial relations issues in the workplace. Ian is currently concentrating on issues like work rosters and work-life balance. He is also active around Progressing Disabilities for Children and Young people, CORU Registration, Sleepovers and Twilight payments.


Keivan Jackson is the Branch’s Organiser. He is currently working on building up membership, organising members and supporting workplace representatives.

The more organised you are and the more people in the union in your workplace, the stronger your voice will be.

Do you have a point of contact in your employment yet? The aim of the Dublin Care Services is to have a point of contact person in every employment in our Branch.

If you would like our Organiser to visit your workplace to talk to you about what we do, please get in touch. If you are interested in getting more involved or nominating a point of contact, please email Keivan at kjackson@impact.ie.