The Health Division represents workers across a wide variety of employments, including the HSE, hospitals, section 38’s and 39’s, mental health facilities, disabilities and community services. Within these are clerical admin staff, health and social care professionals, and other health related grades.

Health is IMPACT’s largest division with approximately 30,000 members, and 35 branches.

The main issues arising in this division are around the restructuring and reconfiguration of the health services and their delivery, sleepovers, twilight payments, employment rights, standardisation of annual leave and regularisation of actors.

Contacting your union:

Your first port of call if you have a question is your workplace rep, or steward.
If you don’t know who your rep is, you can contact your local branch.

Health News


Health and social care professionals

We want your views!

IMPACT is conducting a survey of its members in health and social care professions whot are registered, or scheduled for registration, with the regulator CORU. The professions concerned are clinical biochemists, dieticians, occupational therapists, orthoptists, physiotherapists, psychologists, podiatrists, social care workers, social workers, and speech and language therapists. […]


New guide to health service job evaluation scheme

IMPACT has published a guide to help union reps and members navigate the new health service job evaluation scheme. The booklet gives guidance on the application and assessment process, including the factors that are scored when job evaluations are carried out. []