Easter Update


The Labour Court has directed the Management and Union sides to return to conciliation. If we can’t reach agreement within 3 months, the Court will make a definitive recommendation. The conciliation hearing is scheduled for the 30th April. I would suggest that SNAs seeking to job share for the 2014/2015 school year should make school management aware of their intentions.

72 hours

At the previous meeting in the in Labour Relations Commission (LRC) it was agreed that both sides would submit a submission to the LRC. The submissions would then form the bases for discussion for our next meeting. A meeting was scheduled for the 7th of April, however not all parties were available. We are awaiting the re-scheduled meeting date.

Changes to Certified Sick Leave

The new sick pay scheme for staff in Education will come into effect on September 1st 2014. It came into effect for all other public servants on March 1st 2014. The changes will be an improvement on the current SNA scheme.   The new scheme provides for 3 months full pay, followed by 3 months half pay over a rolling four years. In the event of a critical illness or physical injury you may be eligible for a further 3 months full pay and 3 months half pay. This will then be followed by Temporary Rehabilitation Remuneration (TRR) which is based on one’s pension rate of pay. However we are still seeking to have the Department of Education introduce a serious physical assault scheme for the Education sector similar to the one that operates in the Health sector. This is to take account of the high level of serious assaults on our SNA members.  

Redeployment Panel

We have had a number of meetings with the Department to review the Panel arrangements. While there are still a number of issues to be agreed, we are making considerable progress and it is our hope that a revised circular will be issued before the end of May. 

Circular 0030/2014

The Department of Education have issued a new Circular clarifying the SNA scheme which also outlines the different roles for staff in the classroom. We are currently in the process of reviewing the Circular. 

INTO meeting

We have met with the INTO to discuss ways of working together. We have agreed to draft a common charter for members of both Unions. We will meet over the coming weeks to finalise this charter. 


We awaiting a response from the Department of Social Protection on our proposals to set up a monitoring committee to oversee the JobBridge scheme in an effort to ensure SNAs jobs are not being replaced by JobBridge participants.