SNA general circulars

72 Hour Circular
Brief absences circular
Career breaks 
Grievance and disciplinary procedures
Job Sharing
Maternity/Adoptive and Paternity Leave
Notification of Redundancy Form (RP50)
Occupational health strategy
SNA Pension Scheme Circular
Qualifications for SNA’s
Redeployment circular
Redundancy ArrangementsRestating the SNA Role 0030/2014
Revised sick leave arrangements for SNAs in recognised primary and post-primary schools
Self certified paid sick leave arrangements

Contracts of employment

Contract of employment SNA primary school

Contract of employment SNA post primary school

Members can avail of FAQs and IMPACT position letters by contacting their local representative or Organiser on the following items,

  • 32 Hours
  • 72 hours
  • SNA Supplementary Assignment Panel
  • Medication
  • SNA Contracts
  • Sick/Maternity/Parental Leave
  • Occupational Health/Injury In the Workplace
  • Pensions