Redeployment: Update for SNA members

Dear member,

You will be aware that during the negotiations on the Croke Park agreement in March 2010, the Department of Education and Skills refused to agree the same level of job security for Special Needs Assistants that applies to the mass of public servants. For several years prior to this the Department had consistently opposed permanency. This gave rise to the introduction of a specific redundancy schemes for SNAs.

Because the issues of job security was so fundamental to the Croke Park agreement IMPACT pursued the issue vigorously in direct talks and at the Labour Relations Commissions. This failed to produce a scheme, leaving us with no option but to take our case to the Labour Court. On the 25th June 2012, the Labour Court recommended a redeployment scheme for SNAs. The Department of Education and Skills and management bodies did not give recognition to this Labour Court recommendation. In response, we balloted our members late last year and we received an unprecedented mandate from you the member to pursue job security for SNAs.

In March 2013 we took that mandate to the Croke Park II discussions and we achieved an agreement for members that the Labour Court Recommendation would be implemented. IMPACT in their subsequent ballot voted to accept the deal; however other unions rejected the proposals. IMPACT requested the Department to engage in preparations for the scheme but the Department declined because an overall agreement was not in place. After further negotiations produced the Haddington Road Agreement IMPACT ratified it on the 30th May 2013. 

Current Status of Redeployment Panel

Within a week of ratification IMPACT met with the Department of Education to discuss the establishment of the supplementary assignment panel. The Department have advised that a comprehensive scheme will not be in place for 2013/2014 due to resource constraints and the absence of key players during the summer holiday period. On IMPACTs insistence that something would be in place for the coming school year, last night the Department forwarded a draft circular outlining an interim solution for the coming school year.  A dedicated team within IMPACT have worked all day to prepare a response. The Department has indicated that their intention is to issue a circular next week. We appreciate your patience and will bring any update to you at the earliest possible opportunity.

Loss of Hours

Since the publication of NCSE allocations on Wednesday we have received many queries from concerned members about the loss of hours. We are concerned that there is an increasing trend to fragment allocations and to undermine whole time posts. We want to prioritise this issue but we need information from members.

If you have lost hours, please contact the relevant organiser for your area with ALL the following information before Friday 28th June 2013

  • Your Name
  • School Name and Roll Number 
  • Current Hours
  • Proposed loss of hours


Deirdre O’Connell –

Linda Kelly –

Joan McCrohan –

Eimear Ryan –

Finally, Notice of Rally – Wednesday 26th June 2013

There will be a demonstration outside Leinster House at 6pm on Wednesday next, 26th June, to protest about the latest cuts. While the overall total allocation 10,575 whole time equivalent post is being maintained, in reality this is a cut because the demand among school going children is increasing. Your attendance and support at this rally is vital. IMPACT will continue to campaign for an increase in the annual allocation to meet that increasing demand. The union will also stand alongside the INTO in calling for a reversal of the decision to reduce the resource teaching allocation by 10%. Both of these issues are two sides of the same coin.

Organising Team

Education Division