The School Secretaries branch of IMPACT is holding a series of regional meetings nationwide for all school secretaries as follows

All meetings start at 7pm and conclude at 8.30pm 

Annual General Meeting

Among the topics for discussion are the Public Service Stability Agreement (FEMPI pay restoration), 2.5% pay increase, posts of responsibility, new junior cycle programme and implications for PPOD users.

IMPACT assistant general secretary Barry Cunningham said the union is encouraging all school secretaries to attend a meeting where they can, and is also encouraging members to bring along a school secretary colleague who isn’t an IMPACT member.

“We want to be able to outline the advantages of being a member of IMPACT trade union to those school secretaries who haven’t yet joined a union.

“Our principal message to school secretaries is that, as an IMPACT member, you’re no longer alone. A school secretary’s job can mean they can feel isolated, and we’re here to address that. These meetings provide an opportunity to meet with other school secretaries, share their experiences and find out what’s happening at national level.

“We also want to let school secretaries know that, in the event of a workplace related issue, IMPACT is here to support you. There’s strength and unity in numbers,” he said.

This page will be updated as venues are confirmed.