Education No.1 Branch

The Education No.1 branch was established in 2014 and represents staff and grades across a wide variety of employments throughout the Education Sector.

The Education No.1 Branch represents a variety of employments, including; Mary Immaculate College, Marino Institute, Education Centres, Caretakers and many other grades. It is a national branch and represents grades across the country.

In 2015 the branch had its first Annual General Meeting and elected its first committee. The second ever Annual General Meeting was held in December 2016 where a full branch executive was elected. The Branch Executive are;

Chairperson: Sharon Healy

Secretary: Mary Carey

Treasurer: Margaret Mary Grant

Education Divisional Rep: Breda Halley

Ulster Regional Rep: David McCague

Leinster Regional Rep: Margaret Mary Grant

Munster Regional Rep: Breda Halley and Sharon Healy

Connaught Regional Rep: Patricia Carney

Ordinary Committee Member: Jacqueline Donnelly

The Assistant General Secretary is Stella Griffin and Organiser is Lisa Connell.

The Branch Executive meet five times a year on a Saturday in the IMPACT Offices, Dublin in order to advance the collective strength of every member within the branch.