Childhood Care and Education Professionals

childhoodWe know the issues that affect Early Childhood Care and Education professionals and we provide advice and representation on all of them. As a union member, you have access to an established support network in your community, backed up by the union at national level. This means your voice is heard locally and nationally on all matters.

Why should I join?

  • As your union, we provide support, advice and representation to the growing number of Early Childhood Care and Education professionals for both individual and collective issues.
  • As your union, we are your voice to Government and key decision makers. We use our voice to highlight the essential front line work that Early Childhood Care and Educational professionals do.
  • The Early Childhood Care and Education sector is growing massively but professionals working in this sector are under-valued regarding pay and terms and conditions. This is not the fault of the employers – it is a change that is needed through investment by the government.
  • IMPACT have a proven track record of working with specific grades to achieve professional status. IMPACT members, such as SNAs and Social Care workers, have already fought to establish their professions and won with the help, support and guidance of IMPACT. We want to do the same for Early Childhood Care and Education professionals.

You can join IMPACT today.  You can download HERE