Education is the fastest growing division in the union, representing a wide range of non-teaching staff including SNA’s, schools secretaries and staff in the National Education Training Boards.

There are 10,000 members in this division, and 9 branches. The braches include SNA ND/NL; SNA SD/SL; SNA Munster; SNA Connaught/Ulster; National Education & Training Boards; School Comp Programme; School Secretaries; Education No. 1 and Institutes of Technology.

The main issues arising in this division are around job and income security, abuse of the JobBridge scheme in schools, staffing and structures, addressing issues in educational disadvantage and upcoming IT mergers.

Contacting your union:

Your first port of call if you have a question is your workplace rep.

If you don’t know who your rep is, you can contact your local branch.

Latest Education News


Education promotion process revised

collegeA newly established ‘education and training sector candidate pool’ is to underpin promotion competitions for serving staff at grades III to VII in education and training boards and institutes of technology. The new arrangements, negotiated with IMPACT, will see 20% of vacancies in grade V, VI and VII posts filled by open competition. []