IMPACT won’t accept PMDS appeals charges

IMPACT has told civil service management it will not countenance a Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (DPER) proposal that civil servants should pay €437 if they appeal their PMDS performance management outcome. DEPR says the charge would be refundable if the appeal was upheld.

The union has dismissed the proposal out of hand, saying it will not even enter arbitration until it is dropped from the management agenda. IMPACT national secretary Eamonn Donnelly said staff had a fundamental right to appeal management decisions. “We won’t accept that the opportunity to appeal PMDS decisions should be confined to those who can afford to pay. If we concede this principle on PMDS there is no telling where it will lead,” he said.

Donnelly said the union was prepared to go to arbitration on other management proposals that have emerged in discussions on reform of the PMDS system – including a proposal that appeals would be restricted to staff who are rated in the lowest two categories. These – categories one and two – are the ratings that incur penalties on increments and eligibility for promotion.

Management claims €437 is the cost of processing a PMDS appeal.