PMDS talks continue

21st June 2012

Talks on strengthening the civil service performance management and development system (PMDS) are continuing. The civil service Croke Park action plans requires further reform of the system.

A general council PMDS sub-committee, with representatives of unions and management, has met three times in the last eight weeks to discuss a draft management document under the consultation process. The document addresses the competency framework, ratings (fairness and consistency), the rating scale, the role of reviewers and supports.

It is anticipated that the PAS competencies will be adopted as the competency framework. But management’s proposals to introduce a ‘forced distribution of ratings’ system, where a fixed percentage of staff would fit into each of the ratings categories, has emerged as a major stumbling block. Unions are absolutely opposed to this and have said they will not proceed unless it’s changed.

All other aspects are under negotiation, including a redefinition of the rating system and the link to increments, calibrated systems of performance measurement, the need for an external reviewer and random audit to ensure fairness and consistency. The sub-committee will meet again on 16th July.