Civil service news 2012


Crime reoffending figures support need for frontline staff

The Probation Branch of IMPACT trade union today (Tuesday) said that figures on criminals reoffending published yesterday (Monday) stand up well to international comparisons and demonstrate the need for frontline services to be supported in delivering safer communities.


Update on Government announcement on the abolition of public service allowances

Government departments and offices have been instructed to open talks with unions about the abolition of some allowances currently paid to existing public servants.


PMDS talks continue

Talks on strengthening the civil service performance management and development system (PMDS) are continuing. The civil service Croke Park action plans requires further reform of the system.


State agency payroll savings outstrip civil service

Total payroll and non-pay savings of almost €163 million were delivered by civil servants and non-commercial state agency staff in the second year of the Croke Park agreement, a figure expected to rise to over €184 million a year when this year’s non-payroll initiatives are fully implemented. 


Probation staff raise resource concerns over community return scheme

IMPACT’s Probation and Welfare Officers’ branch has welcomed the community return scheme announced by justice minister Alan Shatter TD on 1st May. Community return, which allows temporary release with community service for prisoners who pose no threat to the community, was introduced as a pilot last October. But the branch has also warned that adequate resources are needed to make the scheme work.


IMPACT defends sick leave

IMPACT AND other unions will defend arrangements for paid long-term sick leave when talks on public service sick leave and its management start soon. The Government has signalled its intention to legislate to revise sick leave arrangements from this year.


Unions give outsourcing pledge

IMPACT and other unions will insist that detailed safeguards and procedures set out in the Croke Park agreement are followed whenever outsourcing is proposed, with unions insisting that detailed safeguards and procedures set out in the Croke Park agreement are followed whenever outsourcing is proposed.