Civil service news 2011


Consultations planned on overtime and premium payments

Unions have been assured that planned measures to cut spending on allowances and premium payments will be done within the scope of the Croke Park agreement, which does not allow for cuts in the rates themselves.


Spending and employment cuts a huge challenge

Maintaining the level and quality of public services with 6,000 fewer staff and €1.4 billion less current spending, against a background of growing demand for services, will be a huge challenge. That was IMPACT’s reaction to yesterday’s Government statement of 2012 public spending and staffing plans.


Civil service PMDS changes agreed

New guidelines aim to ensure that all staff are reviewed under the system, with sanctions for managers who fail to fully conduct PMDS for all staff.


Public service leave to be capped at 32 days

New Government proposals, which envisage no cuts in leave for the great majority of public servants, will mean that no existing public servant gets more than 32 days leave from next year. The cap, which will fall to 30 days for new entrants, would come into effect in 2012. continuereading1


IMPACT deplores assaults on staff in IFA protest

IMPACT called on the Irish Farmers’ Association to instruct any of its members who were involved in assaults on two Department of Agriculture staff earlier this month to contact the Gardai.