IMPACT’s Guide to Workforce Planning for IMPACT Civil Service Specialist and Technical Grades


IMPACT’s Civil Service division has published a new guide on the workforce planning process for branch representatives. Workforce planning is the process used by employers to assess the need for staff in different parts of the service.

Typically, a workforce plan sets out the current and future staffing requirements and establishes a staffing structure sufficient to meet the demands on the service.

Civil service departments and agencies are now able to make decisions about staff recruitment within their overall budget allocation. While this brings an end to the recruitment moratorium, departments still have to stay within their allocated budgets.

IMPACT branches have been advised to liaise with their union official on industrial relations matters and agree how best to address issues around workforce planning, skill mix and recruitment within their specific service.

The benefits of workforce planning include:

  • As the moratorium on civil service recruitment has been lifted the workforce planning can facilitate consultation on current and future staffing requirements
  • Workforce planning can be used to raise issues such as the optimum skill mix required, career structures and continuing professional development
  • Once a workforce plan is agreed, IMPACT can seek fresh recruitment when posts fall vacant or where the demands on a service increase.

IMPACT’s Guide to Workforce Planning (PDF) is available to download HERE.

The Workforce Planning Survey is available to download as a PDF or in Word format.