AGM Success

AGM Pics EDThe Boards and Voluntary Agencies branch held a successful Annual General Meeting on Tuesday the 9th of February.

Please click HERE to access the 2015-16 Branch Annual Report.

The Report contains contributions from the Officers and members of the Branch Executive Committee. IMPACT General Secretary, Shay Cody has a message for members and the Branch Official and Branch Organiser also report back.

The Report by IMPACT’s new National Secretary for Health and Welfare, Eamonn Donnelly (on pages 12-16), includes updates on a range of industrial relations matters. It begins with a broad overview and expands into detail about issues affecting members like sleepovers, the job evaluation scheme, TUSLA and twilight payments.

As a former Official for the BVA, Eamonn Donnelly is well versed in the issues that affect our members at workplace level. On the night of the AGM, as Guest Speaker, he discussed the need for the union to counteract a culture of employers viewing Community and Voluntary sector employees as people engaging in a vocation as opposed to a career. ‘You don’t have to divorce having a calling from good terms and conditions’, he emphasised.

Eamonn also highlighted the importance of the Branch Executive Committee and workplace representatives in terms of staying in touch with members on the ground. He underscored the need for ‘joined-up thinking’ and commented that the ‘BVA has so much diversity. We need to keep looking at how best to organise it’.

The AGM saw the election of Branch Trustees, delegates to IMPACT’s National Conference 2016 and the election of members to the Branch Executive Committee for the coming year. Places are still available, so if you are interested in getting more involved in the union in your workplace or at Branch Executive Committee level, please contact

Several Conference motions were tabled. Their subject matter led to interesting debate on the night around the 1916 Rising, solidarity with refugees, remuneration of senior officers appointed to charitable bodies, investment in rehabilitation and detox services and parity for workers in section-39 funded agencies.

Thanks go out to all who attended and/or contributed.