Campaign Update. Caring – at what cost?

bannerBased on the UL ‘Caring – At What Cost?’ report commissioned by IMPACT’s Health & Welfare Division last year, IMPACT have launched a campaign to restore pay for Community & Voluntary sector workers,  through the gradual reversal of funding cuts to agencies which rely on State funding.

The campaign is being run through a central platform website which is designed to generate maximum pressure on public representatives, and increase public awareness and support for this issue. The website can be accessed at

We are asking IMPACT members to support the campaign in the following ways:

  • Sign the petition and contact your TD
  • Directly contact 5 others to do so, family, friends, neighbours etc.
  • Promote the campaign with colleagues in your workplace
  • Encourage workers in the sector to get involved with the campaign and submit their personal stories on the website
  • Circulate and distribute this poster for use in workplaces
  • Share the campaign website on your Facebook and Twitter accounts

A grassroots campaign of this nature will only be successful if we work together to promote it as much as possible, so we would be very grateful of your support in ensuring this happens. For more information you can contact Joe O’Connor on