IASS Pensions Update

Saturday 25th October 2014


Further to my last bulletin update, Aer Lingus has supplied more information about the proposed voluntary severance package. You can read the full letter HERE.

Aer Lingus has also written to me clarifying their proposed life insurance and permanent health coverage for the future. You can read this letter HERE. I intend to deal with the waiver Aer Lingus is proposing in more detail in my next bulletin.

I’d also like to remind you again that all ballot papers have been issued to IMPACT members at this stage. Please remember that these must be returned to me by close of business Tuesday 4th November 2014. The count will be held in at Congress Headquarters in Parnell Street the day after the ballot closes. This is a very important matter and it’s vital that you vote and make your vote count. Don’t let someone else decide on the proposals for you.

I will continue to send updates with further information as it arises.

Yours sincerely

Matt Staunton

National Secretary
Services and Enterprises Division