Aviation pensions group works on

The expert panel appointed to seek a resolution to the dispute over the Irish Aviation Superannuation Scheme (IASS) is to continue its work after making a preliminary progress report earlier this week.

The group, which includes former IMPACT general secretary Peter McLoone, said it had held productive meetings with unions, Aer Lingus and the Dublin and Shannon airport authorities. It has also met representatives of deferred members and pensioners.

The expert panel said it had identified the extent of agreement and difference on relevant issues in a complex dispute. It will now move on to explore “the scope for progress between the parties.”

Meanwhile, IMPACT has strongly criticised Aer Lingus chief executive Christophe Mueller’s €1.5 million pay and bonus package.  In a statement, the union said the generous package was “insulting to staff who are likely to be facing a substantial cut in their retirement incomes on top of a decision by the company to slash an agreed staff gainsharing payment by up to 80%.”

In a letter published in the Irish Independent on Monday, IMPACT cabin crew member Killian Brennan said it was an obvious injustice that Mueller had “trousered €1.5 million while he expects his workers to endure further cuts.”