Ryanair confirms union recognition in letter to IMPACT

IMPACT officials Angela Kirk and Ashley Connolly talk to the press about union recognition in Ryanair.


Ryanair management has confirmed in writing that it now recognises IMPACT as the representative of the airline’s pilots for collective bargaining purposes, with immediate effect. IMPACT says it has accepted an invitation from company management to attend a meeting on 3rd January 2018 to agree a comprehensive recognition agreement that will establish collective bargaining procedures in the airline.

The union cautioned that it expected management to reach agreement on procedures quickly so that the parties could move on to negotiate substantial issues around pilots’ pay and working conditions. On this basis, IMPACT said the company’s confirmation that it recognised the union, with effect from today (21st December), and would conclude a comprehensive agreement, meant the danger of industrial action had receded for the present.

IMPACT official Ashley Connolly said union recognition in Ryanair was an historic achievement that would resonate beyond the company. “This advance is good news for Ryanair pilots, passengers and shareholders. We also think it will assist thousands of workers elsewhere, who want independent workplace representation but whose anti-union employers had been encouraged and emboldened by Ryanair’s previous antipathy towards IMPACT and other unions.

“This breakthrough, which was made possible by the principled resolve of Ryanair pilots, should be an encouragement to workers across the economy. IMPACT will now immediately start work to make union recognition in Ryanair a practical reality by working with management to establish a formal collective bargaining agreement, and then by using this opportunity to win improved security, terms, and working conditions for the airline’s pilots.”