Renters gather in Dublin to push for Secure Rents

Tonight at 7pm in Liberty Hall, Eden Quay renters from across Dublin and the surrounding counties will gather together to discuss Ireland’s deepening rental crisis and further the Secure Rents campaign’s call for rent certainty and greater security of tenure across the country.

Ahead of tonight’s event, campaign spokesperson and IMPACT lead organiser Joe O’Connor had the following to say:

“Since launching the Secure Rents campaign six weeks ago, we’ve heard heart-breaking stories from hundreds of renters at our meetings right across the country and via our website. They have spoken about their fears of homelessness, constant insecurity and uncertainty, and the crippling effect of rising rents on their living standards. We expect large numbers of tenants to attend our final public meeting this evening at Liberty Hall to make their voice heard.”

Secure Rents campaign spokesperson and Uplift campaigner Keith Broni added

“It is absolutely vital that Ireland’s renters begin to work together and amply each other’s’ voices in calling for secure rents. Minister for Housing Simon Coveney’s rental strategy document is due for release soon and anything short of rent indexation and increased tenant security will be insufficient to aid tenants who are suffering right now. If it falls short on these measures, our campaign will call on Fianna Fail to do as they themselves stated they would last week in the Daíl and bring forward a rent certainty bill.”

O’Connor continued:

“Our campaign’s demands are reasonable, fair and achievable, and have widespread support from the public, key stakeholders and experts. Minister Coveney must now take action on the issues of rent certainty and security of tenure in the rental strategy which is due to publish next week, while Fianna Fáil must honour the many commitments they have made on the issue of rent certainty by ensuring a positive outcome for the 750,000 people living in rental accommodation in this country.”

The Secure Rents campaign is a partnership between the Communication Workers Union (CWU), the Financial Services Union (FSU), IMPACT Trade Union, Mandate Trade Union, SIPTU, Unite the Union and the people-power campaign organisation Uplift.

For further information about the Secure Rents Campaign go to #SecureRents