Haddington Road News 2013


Breakthrough over ‘cash equivalent’ of lost leave

IMPACT has won a substantial breakthrough for public servants at the top of their scale who want to incur a ‘cash deduction’ rather than a temporary loss of leave under the Haddington Road agreement.


Two-tier public service pay system to end

The end of the two-tier public service pay system, introduced when lower pay scales for new entrants were introduced at the beginning of 2011, will be announced soon with the publication of new unified pay scales.


IMPACT promises ‘hard line’ on St Michael’s House cuts

IMPACT trade union has said it will take a hard line when it meets management at St Michael’s House this morning (Monday) to discuss proposed cuts to services and staff. The union says it will resist plans to cut services following a proposed HSE funding cut of €1 million, which comes on top of €12 million in savings delivered since 2008 plus €1 million additional savings scheduled under the Haddington Road agreement.


IMPACT rejects claim on ‘scope’ to cut health admin posts

IMPACT trade union today (Wednesday) rejects the assertion made by the Irish Hospital Consultant’s Association (IHCA) that there is ‘significant scope’ to reduce the number of administrative and management staff in the health service. The IHCA made the claim in its pre-budget submission.


IMPACT warns on hours options

IMPACT has said it will not cooperate with the implementation of new working time arrangements in situations where local or sectoral management refuse to allow staff to opt for reduced pay rather than increased hours. The union said withholding this option was a breach of the Haddington Road Agreement (HRA), which came into force this month.


Agreement on Limerick council merger

IMPACT members have backed a deal on a single set of terms and conditions for office-based staff in Limerick city and county councils by a margin of 85%. The two authorities are merging into a single local authority under Government reform plans. 


SNA redeployment – why arrangements are urgently needed

The National Council for Special Education (NCSE) announced its overall allocation of SNA numbers for the coming school year yesterday (Wednesday). The total allocation remains the same (10,575 SNA posts) but the specific breakdown has not yet been finalised. 


Non-members face pay uncertainty over new legislation

Public servants who are not members of trade unions now face uncertainty over the restoration of pay cuts, working conditions and a possible three-year increment freeze, according to IMPACT.


IMPACT accepts Haddington Road agreement

The Central Executive Committee of IMPACT today (Thursday) to accept the terms of the Haddington Road Agreement on public service pay, working conditions and reforms. The union has sought to formally register the agreement with the Labour Relations Commission.