Croke Park saves Brothers of Charity €1.8m

17th October 2012

The Brothers of Charity in Limerick have made savings worth €1.8
million through redeployment, new technology, in-sourcing and other
measures facilitated by the Croke Park agreement.

The Croke Park initiatives at the HSE-funded disability service
include savings of almost €800,000 through staff redeployment following
over 30 retirements earlier this year. These involved the consolidation
of a number of community houses outside the organisation’s main campus
in Limerick, with roster changes for other staff.

Savings of €500,000 were achieved through the use of assistive
technology to reduce night staffing in the residential care facilities,
with adjacent buildings ‘paired’ and clients monitored remotely via
electronic sensors between midnight and 8am. This resulted in eight
fewer staff working nights in the facilities.

The changes were subjected to risk assessment, pilot studies and
reviews with the staff involved. Ongoing risk reviews are continuing and
client privacy has been protected because no CCTV is being used.

Further savings of about €100,000 were achieved though the
‘in-sourcing’ of a transport service bringing clients from home to
attend day services. Other savings were achieved through a more
proactive absence management policy and the introduction of a new
management structure. Savings were also made on rent following the
consolidation of the community-based facilities.

The organisation had already reduced its spending by 17%, or over €4 million, since 2008 with staffing cuts of 20%.