Croke Park news 2011


OPINION: Facing the challenges in 2012

IMPACT General Secretary SHAY CODY looks at the year ahead and the challenges facing public servants in year three of the Croke Park agreement


75% of public servants paid less than €60,000

Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform Brendan Howlin has confirmed that over 75% of public servants are paid less than €60,000 a year. Just over 2% earned more than €100,000


Wicklow TD attacks increments

Wicklow-East Carlow TD Simon Harris made headlines in December as he launched an attack on public service pay increments, as the issue drew more focus in the aftermath of Budget 2012.


Young IMPACT members reject increments freeze call

The Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform’s statement of 2012 Government expenditure yesterday did not target public service pay increments, despite calls from Barnardos chief executive Fergus Finlay and others.


Spending and employment cuts a huge challenge

Maintaining the level and quality of public services with 6,000 fewer staff and €1.4 billion less current spending, against a background of growing demand for services, will be a huge challenge. That was IMPACT’s reaction to yesterday’s Government statement of 2012 public spending and staffing plans.


Consultations planned on cost of premium payments

Unions have been assured that planned measures to cut spending on allowances and premium payments will be done within the scope of the Croke Park agreement, which does not allow for cuts in the rates themselves. Officials from the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform have sought consultation with unions, which is likely to focus on other ways of reducing the bill for premium payments.


IMPACT updates politicians on Croke Park progress

IMPACT general secretary Shay Cody has written to all TDs and senators to tell them about the savings and reforms being achieved under the Croke Park agreement. The initiative followed the publication of a progress report from the Croke Park implementation body last month, and aimed to counter criticisms – mostly made on an anonymous basis – by a small number of backbenchers.


Croke Park progress continues

The latest progress report from the Croke Park national implementation body reveals that public service staff numbers fell by over 5,500 between last December and September 2011. Progress was also made on leave standardization, rationalization of agencies, shared services, redeployment and other reforms.


IMPACT members to be affected by state agency changes

The Government’s plans to rationalise state agencies are likely to affect hundreds of IMPACT members in state agencies, the civil service, health, local authorities and education.


Public service staffing to shrink 282,500

The number of public servants will shrink to 282,500 by 2015, down from a peak of 320,000 in 2008, according to new Government targets. The reduction of 37,500 posts would alone reduce the public service pay bill by over €2.5 billion – or 15% – compared to 2008. New staffing targets for each sector will be published with the Budget.


Civil service PMDS changes agreed

Changes to the civil service performance management and development system (PMDS) have been agreed this week and will come into force in 2012.


Public service leave to be capped at 32 days

New Government proposals, which envisage no cuts in leave for the great majority of public servants, will mean that no existing public servant gets more than 32 days leave from next year. The cap, which will fall to 30 days for new entrants, would come into effect in 2012.


Life in the reality distortion field

A deluge of media commentary about exit packages for senior civil servants is creating the impression that all public servants are feather-bedded. It ain’t so says NIALL SHANAHAN. 


Pension changes confined to new entrants

The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform has confirmed that there has been no decision to change pension arrangements for current public servants.


Croke Park deal passes another test

The Croke Park agreement remains on course to deliver the savings and reforms required under the Government’s agreement with the IMF-EU ‘troika’ But it will be tested with the publication of the Government’s comprehensive spending review later this year and, again, when thousands of public servants retire early in 2012.


Secretary general sets out reform agenda

The public service will have between 270,000 and 280,000 staff when current Government reforms are implemented, according to the secretary general of the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform