Pay ballot closes Friday


Voting on the proposed new pay deal, the ‘Public Service Stability Agreement 2018-2020,’ closes at noon this Friday (14th July). That means IMPACT members who are eligible to vote must ensure their completed ballot papers are returned and arrive by 12 noon on Friday if they want to have their say.

The elected IMPACT Central Executive Committee has recommended acceptance of the proposed deal, which was the outcome of over two weeks of negotiations that concluded last month. Now it’s up to the members, and IMPACT general secretary Shay Cody has urged everyone to vote.

“The proposed agreement will deliver pay increases and pension protections for all public servants, plus important safeguards on outsourcing. The most important thing now is that every public servant exercises their right to decide. Don’t let someone else decide for you,” he said.

Some IMPACT branches are conducting postal votes, while others are balloting members in the workplace. In either case, each paid-up member who is eligible to vote gets an individual ballot paper and can cast a secret ballot. You can get details of local arrangements from your IMPACT branch.

The union has set up a helpline (mail for members and activists who have queries about their eligibility to vote or the ballot process. You can also get information from our website guide to the ballot.

Meanwhile our frequently asked questions document contains explanations of all the main aspects of the proposed agreement including pay restoration and pension levy adjustments, the new ‘additional superannuation contribution,’ outsourcing, working time, new entrant issues, and more.

All IMPACT members who are directly affected by the proposed deal are entitled to vote. If you work in the public service or a non-commercial semi-state organisation you are probably entitled to a ballot paper. Members in ‘section 38’ voluntary and community organisations are also eligible to vote.

Once the branch ballots are completed, the votes will be aggregated to determine the national outcome of the IMPACT poll. That will determine IMPACT’s vote at a meeting of the ICTU Public Services Committee which, in turn, will determine the overall public service union position on whether the proposals are accepted or rejected.