Pay and new union top conference agenda

bdcPay recovery and proposals to create a new 90,000-strong trade union for public service, commercial and semi-state workers, are set to dominate IMPACT’s biennial delegate conference next month. The final conference agenda which contains over 150 motions for debate in Killarney between 18th and 20th May, was issued to IMPACT branch secretaries earlier today.

Up to 700 delegates from workplaces across the country are expected to attend the event, which will set the union’s policies and priorities for the next two years.

On Thursday 19th May, delegates will debate 27 motions on pay, including proposals from the union’s elected executive on pay restoration, future public service pay determination, and the extension of the ‘living wage.’ The Lansdowne Road agreement has begun the process of public service pay recovery, but IMPACT has said it will want this accelerated if better-than-expected growth and ‘fiscal space’ emerge in the coming months.

The conference will also decide whether to continue discussions on the creation of a new union involving IMPACT, the Civil Public and Service Union (CPSU) and the Public Service Executive Union (PSEU). A motion from the union’s executive backs continued negotiations, leading to ballots of members of the three unions in 2017. Identical proposals were recently backed by large majorities at the PSEU and CPSU conferences.

Delegates will also debate motions on pensions, staffing, leave, housing and other public services, employment rights and union development.