New proposals on Clerys ‘very positive’ – Congress

Congress general secretary Patricia King – new government proposals “a very positive step”

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) has described as “very positive” new government proposals to establish a ‘twin track examination’ of deficiencies in employment protection and company law that were highlighted by the controversial closure of Clerys department store in June, 2015.

Congress general secretary Patricia King said: “This is a very positive step that can help ensure no worker is ever again treated in such a disgraceful manner. It is something that Congress worked hard to make a reality.

“As General Secretary of Congress, I backed the campaign of the Clerys workers and the efforts of their union SIPTU from day one, most especially their demand that such a shameful episode never be repeated.

“The bravery and fortitude shown by the Clerys staff throughout has been nothing less than inspirational.

“As general secretary I engaged closely with government and Minister Nash and am glad those discussions have now come to fruition,” Ms King said.

“In particular, I sought to convince them of the urgent need to change the law and close the loopholes that gave those behind the Clerys takeover the legal freedom to act in the appalling manner they did.

“It is my view that the ‘twin track’ approach announced by the Ministers has the capacity to deliver and ensure this becomes a reality.

“Never again should wealthy individuals be allowed to contrive the destruction of working people’s livelihoods,” Ms King concluded.