New children’s agency will respect pay and conditions

9th November 2012

A ‘letter of intent’ from the Department of Children and Youth Affairs has confirmed that all staff who transfer to the new Children and Family Support Agency next year will retain their existing pay and conditions, including pension entitlements, without any break in service.

The commitment was originally won by IMPACT in discussions with the department, which has now confirmed it to an independent facilitator who is working with the union and management to deal with issues arising from the transfer of staff working with children and families.

The union has sought clarification on a number of other issues related to the new agency, which is to be established in January. Management has told the union that it is undertaking a census of staff who it thinks will transfer to the agency.

IMPACT is arranging meetings for various groups of staff involved including residential and community social care workers, social workers, administrative staff and family support workers. The Government is yet to decide whether other professional groups will be direct employees of the new agency.

IMPACT official Christina Carney said the union was discussing these and range of staff-related issues in the run-up to the establishment of the agency. “I assure all members that IMPACT continues to protect the conditions and rights of members. Staff will be treated with the respect they deserve,” she said.

Read Christina’s recent letter to staff HERE.