More public servants claim family income supplement

The number of public servants who receive family income supplement (FIS) has increased by 32% since 2008, up from 2,720 to 3,595 in 2013. The figures, revealed in an answer to a recent Dáil question, also show that 300 more FIS applications from public servants are awaiting a decision.

Meanwhile, new figures show that the proportion of public servants earning over €100,000 continues to decline. Just 5,000 (1.7%) of public servants are now in that pay bracket compared to 6,791 (2.2%) in February last year. Around half of them are hospital consultants.

The figures, which were set out in a separate Dáil answer, show that 15% of public servants now earn less than €30,000 a year, 41% earn less than €40,000, and 67% earn less than €50,000.

IMPACT says the data exposes the myth of a high-paid public service. All public servants have experienced at least two pay cuts since 2009, totalling 14% of earnings on average, while those earning over €65,000 have been subject to an additional temporary cut in pay since July 2013. Public servants have also experienced the same increased taxes and charges as everyone else over the last five years.