Minister repeats strong endorsement of Croke Park

31st March 2012

Minister of State for Public Expenditure and Reform Brian Hayes delivered another strong defence of the Croke Park agreement and public servants at the Fine Gael ard fheis, where he told delegates that the Government wants the Croke Park agreement to succeed. In a strong defence of public servants, and to loud applause, he said: “Those who work in the public sector of this country are not the enemy.”

Minister Hayes criticised opponents of the agreement and the deliberate polarisation of public and private sector workers. “Those who want to replace Croke Park need to set out what they would put in its place. This party rejects the false debate which pits public and private sector worker against each other. Those who work in the public sector of this country are not the enemy. It’s a complex organisation but must deliver the changes we need,” he said.

The minister said that “bashing the public sector has become something of a popular blood sport in some sections of the media.” But the Government would not play that game. “We do not see the public sector as our opponent. On the contrary the Government is asking the public sector to be its partner in the reform agenda,” he said.

IMPACT was at the ard fheis to offer delegates information about the Croke Park agreement and its achievements. The union has taken exhibition stands at all the major party conferences as part of its campaign to defend the agreement, public servants and the services they provide.

Read the minister’s full speech HERE