Most IMPACT members have better leave entitlements than the legal minimums. In most employments, leave entitlements are related to a members’ grade. When dealing with members’ queries or cases you should check the appropriate entitlement in national and/or local agreements. The Organisation of Working Time Act, 1997 sets out minimum legal entitlements to paid leave. The Act allows for four working weeks off where at least 1,365 hours have been worked in the leave year, or one third of a working week where the employee works at least 117 hours in a calendar month or eight per cent of the hours worked in a leave year. Sick leave is not counted as hours worked, but maternity and parental leave are. Although most employers will agree with individual staff when leave can be taken, the employer can determine this. They must give one month’s notice and they must take into account the need for the employee to reconcile work and family responsibilities and the opportunities for rest and recreation available to the employee.

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The purpose of this section is to provide information to IMPACT branches and members. It is not intended as a complete or authoritative statement of the law.