Irish urged to back campaign against water privatisation

Tuesday 19th February 2013

IMPACT members’ support for a European water campaign petition could force the European Union to consider proposals to protect water and sanitation services from privatisation. But we need to act fast.

The European Federation of Public Service Unions’ (EPSU) campaign to protect water as a human right has met its first target of one million petition signatures across the EU. This is a big achievement for the campaign, which is one of the first to use the European Citizens Initiative (ECI) to protect water from future privatisation attempts.

Now more signatures are needed from Ireland and other countries to meet the ECI requirement for popular support in a number of member states. That’s why IMPACT members and their families have been asked to sign the petition ahead of the UN World Water Day on 22nd March.

Ireland’s target is 30,000 signatures. We need to reach this target to demonstrate our solidarity with our trade union colleagues across Europe, and with all citizens who depend on water and sanitation provision across the globe. It would also oblige the EU to consider the issues raised in the campaign.

IMPACT deputy general secretary Kevin Callinan has written to all IMPACT branches seeking their support in promoting the campaign and collecting signatures. He has asked branches to consider collecting signatures from members of the public – a method that’s proved very successful in Germany, which has achieved one of the highest rates of sign-up.

For more information visit or go straight to the petition site HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: Signatories must be EU citizens aged 18 or over. You can only sign the petition once.