IMPACT calls for UN convention on rights for older people

16th November 2011

IMPACT has made a submission on the rights of older people, via the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU), in response to a request from the Seanad Public Consultation Committee.

IMPACT’s submission called for the establishment of a UN convention on the human rights of older people. It also raised concerns in relation to the rights of older people, particularly the right to autonomy and participation in decision making; standards of health care; protection from abuse; and adequate standards of living, including access appropriate housing and freedom from age discrimination.

The union’s retired members’ vocational group explained that IMPACT allows retired members to either remain in union membership or re-apply for union membership when they cease working. A national vocational group for retired members has been established and IMPACT has initiated a plan of action to increase union membership among retired members.

One of the principal objectives of IMPACT is to promote equity and equality in society. The recruitment and involvement of retired members is an integral element of the equality agenda.

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