IMPACT retired members

Join the IMPACT retired members vocational group

IMPACT has always welcomed retired members. But the union recently established a retired members’ vocational group to deal solely with retired members’ issues. This was in response to an increase in the number of retired members.

It makes sense for retired members to retain their IMPACT membership because:

  • It gives you a voice within the union on issues that affect retired public servants and others. This is vital at a time when over 20,000 people will retire from the public service alone over the next five years. Public service pensioners have already suffered a cut in their pensions and the IMPACT vocational group is campaigning to prevent further cuts to retired workers’ income and security. Click HERE for more on our campaign.
  • It gives us more clout and credibility on issues that affect your income and the services you depend on.
  • It helps IMPACT to promote the wider rights of older people, who are now more active and living longer, as part of its objective of promoting equality and equal opportunities in society.

You’d be very welcome because the bigger our membership, the stronger our voice for retired people.

It’s easy to join. Click HERE to join.