Civil servants, semi-state and private sector workers

Salary Protection and AVC Schemes – Transfer of Marsh Schemes to Cornmarket

The brokers and administrators of the salary protection schemes for IMPACT members in the civil service and services and enterprises divisions have been Marsh Employee Benefits Ltd, with Cornmarket Group Financial Services Ltd looking after the schemes for members in education, health and local government. Marsh also provided AVC schemes for IMPACT members across the main public service areas.

As Marsh was exiting this business in Ireland, Cornmarket entered into an agreement with them for the transfer of the Marsh business above (and other similar schemes) to Cornmarket. This happened at the end of January 2013. While we were aware that this was proposed we did not receive confirmation of this for some time from either Cornmarket or Marsh and only then after a number of requests from us.

I wish to confirm that all of the salary protection/life cover and AVC schemes for IMPACT members, previously operated via Marsh, will now be looked after by Cornmarket. I also wish to confirm that there are no changes to the cover or costs or charges involved for any of the schemes involved. These will continue as before save for the change of broker/administrator. Any future changes will be by agreement and in accordance with the terms of the relevant schemes.

Cornmarket have contacted AVC payers above (where they have current address details) of the changes and provided their [Cornmarket`s] new contact details. As they do not hold address details for members of the “Marsh” salary protection schemes, they have not been in a position to send notices of the change to these. As we do not have any details as to which members are also members of the salary protection or AVC schemes we are not in a position to assist Cornmarket. Even if we had details, data protection restrictions would prevent us from passing them to Cornmarket.

All queries and claims regarding the IMPACT schemes previously involving Marsh should now be addressed to Cornmarket. Their contact details are as follows:

Cornmarket Group Financial Services Ltd., Christchurch Square, Dublin 8



For General Enquiries call (01) 408 4000
To update your personal details (01) 408 4000
To make an appointment with a consultants (01) 408 4025
To make an appointment with a retirement consultant (01) 408 4058
Salary Protection Queries (01) 408 4195
Salary Protection Claims (01) 408 4018
Pensions/ AVCs / Investments (01) 408 4162
Car & Home Insurance (01) 408 4020

Members of the civil service/services & enterprises salary
protection scheme should contact Cornmarket and advise them of their
contact details so that they can be updated on their policy and claims
details as required. Any member of the IMPACT AVC Scheme (all divisions)
that has not yet heard from Cornmarket should contact them and update
their contact details.