Safety, Health and Welfare at Work

The safety, health and welfare of workers can often fall down the priority list in workplaces, especially during times of financial difficulty. However, these issues are of vital importance to the working lives and conditions of workers, to their quality of life – both at work and outside of work – and even to their lives. Despite improvements over the years, there are far too many workplace injuries and deaths arising from events at work.

Each employer has a common law duty of care to their employees while at work and to others who visit the employers premises. This duty of care is also set out in EU directives and in Irish law and statutory instruments. One of the primary roles of the Health and Safety Authority is to ensure compliance with the legislation by employers and self-employed. The HAS also publishes a very wide range of health and safety publications, some of which we have links to below. All are available of their website free of charge.

Each IMPACT branch should have a Health and Safety Information Officer whose primary role is to keep safety, health and welfare at work on the branch’s agenda and to highlight problems that might arise in workplaces within the branch. The link to the role of Health and Safety Information Officer is set out below with links to many other safety, health and welfare at work publications.

Safety, health and welfare at work information and publications:


Branch Health and Safety Information Officer – key information:

Bullying and Harassment:

Stress at Work:

  • HSA Information for Employees
  • HSA Information for Employers
  • EU-OSHA – Managing Stress and psychological risks
  • EU-OSHA – Managing Stress Campaign Guide

Other Welfare at Work Issues:

Other Useful Publications: