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Read the Instrument of Amalgamation HERE

Fórsa: frequently asked questions (FAQ)

ForsaThe New Union project is a proposal to combine the strength of over 80,000 union members, representing members in the public service, as well as the commercial sector and state agencies.

Following more than three years of discussions between IMPACT, the CPSU and PSEU, preparations are now underway to ballot members on the proposed amalgamation of the three unions.

If members of all three unions vote yes and the amalgamation goes ahead, the new union would have over 80,000 members. This would make it the second largest union on the island of Ireland and by far the largest trade union voice in the Irish civil and public service.

The executives of all three unions believe that a larger, stronger and more powerful organisation would be able to deliver better outcomes for members in pay negotiations, workplace representation, individual membership benefits, and services to branches and activists, through the creation of:

  • One strong negotiating block representing over 80,000 members in the public service, civil service, semi-state sector, community and voluntary organisations, and also some prominent private companies
  • One articulate and expert voice speaking for public servants and public services across the country
  • Substantially enhanced services to existing and future members through the pooling of talents and economies of scale, and
  • A strong foundation for enhancing trade union organisation and campaigning in the public service and beyond

The proposal also includes strong safeguards to ensure an effective voice for individual grades, and to preserve and enhance the best traditions of each of the three constituent unions.

The name of the proposed new union is Fórsa. This name was chosen by the executive bodies of all three unions following an open competition and creative development process. Fórsa is the Gaelic word meaning a ‘force’ or body of people, as well as meaning ‘leverage’.

These pages have all the information you need on what a new union would mean to members of all three unions.

Fórsa: frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • Read the new union rulebook HERE.
  • Read the transitional arrangements HERE.
  • Read the appendix on union subscriptions and branch funding HERE.
  • Read the appendix on service standards and the ombudsman HERE.
  • Fórsa.ie

 Read the Instrument of Amalgamation HERE

See the IMPACT events calendar for details of nationwide Fórsa ballot information meetings